Antim Sanskar | About Us
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About Us

A service that helps the family of a deceased person perform the last rites and facilitate funeral arrangements and transportation to cremation site with decorum and dignity. From arranging for the body to be moved from the hospital to home and then to the crematorium, to providing all the material for the last rites, which includes arranging priests, Antim Sanskar Seva ensures that the entire process is smooth dignified and easy for the family.

When you are mourning and desolate we vowed to stand by.


Antim Sanskar Seva offers compassionate Funeral services to help lighten your burden & support you go through the difficult times that follow the loss of a loved one. When loved ones pass away, you want their bodies to be handled with care and help with the last rites. We provide guidance and facilitate funeral preparation, transportation facility and all the essential requisites at the crematorium; locate a priest if required. We believe in paying tribute to your loved ones with compassion and thoughtful personalized arrangements for the Last Journey. All your hassles are avoided with a single phone call!


A stately & Respectful Farewell to Life